A Pesar de Todo

Victor Manuelle



A Pesar de Todo

Victor Manuelle

Publicado: 05/03/1993

Género: Música Tropical

℗ 1997 Sony Discos, Inc.

  • Asi Es la Mujer

  • Dile a Ella

  • Nuestra Historia

  • Le Hare Feliz

  • He Tratado

  • No Hace Falta Nada

  • El Aguila

  • Remix

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No se ha ingresado ninguna letra de canción para este álbum.
No se ha ingresado ninguna letra de canción para este álbum.


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Enjoy it!
por Asdf - 21/11/2016

GD –


VK –



Enjoy it!
por Kratos - 29/11/2016

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VK –





One of His Best
por wickedsexy - 29/11/2016

Absolutely one of his best work, trivial to what any one has to say, he followed well in Gilberto Santa Rosa’s Foot steps. Now he has become a shadow of what he used to be. His music has declined, the best of his music is his classics, can only hope he can come back to life. But simple is all he has to be.





Still a favorite
por drersh - 29/11/2016

He Tratado was one of the first Victor Manuelle songs I remember from the late 90’s when I used to dance at Salsa Carolina. This is still one of my favorite albums of all time. Contrary to what one of the other reviewers said, the songs do not all sound the same. I don’t even speak Spanish, I speak French, so I can understand some Spanish and I could definitely tell all the songs apart the first time I ever heard the album. Each song has it’s own little flair. To describe this CD in one word I would say classy.





por Yankeesgirl - 29/11/2016

One of my favorites . I love "El aguila" . If you want to hear classy salsa and want to dance and enjoy listen to this album. Great Work.


Publicado por: Kratos  |  29/11/2016 17:08:38  |  5 comentarios