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Campaign Speech - Single




Campaign Speech - Single


Publicado: 22/10/2016

Género: Hip-Hop/Rap

℗ 2016 Aftermath Records

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    Campaign Speech

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No se ha ingresado ninguna letra de canción para este álbum.


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por vnjdfsniruhfkdfn - 29/11/2016

eminem name calling big events to create contoversy and gain media attention, he’s the best rapper, but this shouldn’t be a single, it’s a free-style type rap, but can’t wait for the album





Dope freestyle
por SavageT69 - 29/11/2016

People who say that "We miss the old Slim Shady" the old Eminem. I don’t get it? People grow, therefore as musicians grow their music grows with them. You can’t expect Em who’s in his 40’s now just keep on recycling the same old stuff. In my opinion as a music enthusiast of all genres (except maybe country) Eminems’s style has taken a great new shape. I love most lyricists that have taken old school rock guitar riffs and spit over the beat. Bridging the lines between hip hop, blues, rock to jazz. I mean we should be thankful that Em is still around and putting out new albums. With how rap is today. It’s garbage. Any real hip-hop fan would agree, unless your still 16 with acne. But yeah this is not a track or song release. So the people saying that he’s "just talking" not rapping. Dear god get some taste or new ears. It’s rhyming and a great freestyle from "One of the greatest". If you don’t consider him one of the greatest then you haven’t followed eminems musical career. Basically you hear the radio crap. Which at times is his worse. I’m talking songs like "Soldier" Kill You, 3AM, Kim, Role Model, Just Don’t Give a F, Rap God, Brainless, Rhyme or Reason, Untitled from recovery is a perfect example. The list goes on and on.





HE’S BACK!!!!!
por TCN9921 - 29/11/2016

Before you judge the song, think that this WHOLE SONG IS A FREESTYLE. GOAT


Publicado por: Nashbi  |  29/11/2016 17:38:18  |  6 comentarios