Day & Age (Deluxe Version)

The Killers



Day & Age (Deluxe Version)

The Killers

Publicado: 24/11/2008

Género: Alternative

℗ 2008 The Island Def Jam Music Group

  • Losing Touch

  • Human

  • Spaceman

  • Joy Ride

  • A Dustland Fairytale

  • This Is Your Life

  • I Can't Stay

  • Neon Tiger

  • The World We Live In

  • Goodnight, Travel Well

  • Tidal Wave (Bonus Track)

  • Forget About What I Said (Bonus Track)

  • Human

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No se ha ingresado ninguna letra de canción para este álbum.


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Enjoy it!
por Letymoon - 29/11/2016

GD –


VK –





Where’s the edge?
por ceegh - 29/11/2016

I happened to love both of the Killers’ first two albums. Hot Fuss was a superb resurrection of 80’s synth-pop / new wave, and Sam’s Town got unfairly undermined by critics looking to squash a new direction. I don’t know, maybe that criticism bore deep because this album returns to the synth-pop, but it’s 90% fluff; not the lyrics, but the sound. Hot Fuss had an edge or drive to almost all its songs. I just don’t hear any of that. Instead we get 80’s pop saxophone and other fillers that frankly sound old, not retro. Guess I’ll just have to wait longingly for the next Interpol album.





Day & Age - Album Of The Year!
por caaalebbb - 29/11/2016

The Killers are here once again at full blast. Hot Fuss met Sam’s Town, made children and converted them to CD form. This album holds some of the catchiest melodies that will stick in your head for months; some of the most beautiful lyrics that will stick in your heart for years. 1. Losing Touch – awesome opening with a catchy chorus – 9.2/10 2. Human – meaningfull, beautiful melody and lyrics – 9/10 3. Spaceman – exciting track about being abducted by aliens and the after effects of said adventure – 8.8/10 4. Joyride – Groovy and RIDICULOUSLY catchy – 9.6/10 5. A Dustland Fairytale – Beautiful song with beautiful vocals and story -telling lyrics – 10/10 6. This Is Your Life – Beautiful melody than will send shivers down your spine – 9.6/10 7. I Can’t Stay – cool Caribbean beat with thoughtful lyrics – 8.7/10 8. Neon Tiger – glittery song that revels in the killer’s creativity – 8.9/10 9. The World We Live In – the band delivers stunning music with an 80’s feel – 8.9/10 10. Goodnight Travel Well – An epic ending to a jaw-dropping album that will send shivers down your spine and touch your soul. 9.5/10





Full Circle Killers
por papajohn3289 - 29/11/2016

The band that was exploded onto the scene with "Hot Fuss" has crafted one of the more exciting musical albums of the year. I feel that Sam’s Town was in fact a backtrack of what the Killers were capable of and that their true talent was glimpsed in the background music of the songs in "Hot Fuss." Their hit, "Mr. Brightside," efficiently struck the balance between powerful lyrics and moving instrumentals. Every single song in "Day and Age" simply tries to mimic that balance, and the result is the Killers’ most incredible release to date. The two singles, "Human" and "Spaceman," are two songs that are remarkably different, but similar in that the instrumentals in them are as powerful as the lyrics. But they scratch the surface of what the Killers have done in the album altogether. Songs like "Goodnight, Travel Well" try and take the potentially inredible voice of Brandon Flowers and combine it with the monstrous ensemble that accompanies, as we hear echoes of both "Sam’s Town" and "Hot Fuss." The Killers have truely evolved; this is better than anything we could have anticipated. Should keep us well occupied until their Christmas single comes out.


Publicado por: Letymoon  |  29/11/2016 17:51:26  |  4 comentarios