End of an Era (Live)




End of an Era (Live)


Released: 02/06/2006

Genre: Rock

℗ 2006 Nuclear Blast GmbH

  • Dark Chest of Wonders (Live)

  • Planet Hell (Live)

  • Ever Dream (Live)

  • The Kinslayer (Live)

  • Phantom of the Opera (Live)

  • The Siren (Live)

  • Sleeping Sun (Live)

  • High Hopes (Live)

  • Bless the Child (Live)

  • Wishmaster (Live)

10 songs

Song lyrics

No song lyrics have been entered for this album.
No song lyrics have been entered for this album.


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Enjoy it!
by ElArkano - 24/11/2016

GD –


VK –





Don’t get me wrong...
by SkeleBoy - 24/11/2016

...Nightwish are by far the BEST band to walk this lonely planet. And I am BEYOND Ecstatic that Nightwish is being added back to iTunes. But I don’t understand why this live album (released AFTER ’Once’) is available now, when ’Once’ is up for pre-order, to be released the day Nightwish’s new single ’Amaranth’ is released. I own the album ’Once.’ I bought it a while back. It was released in ’05. And it’s the best album so far with Tarja as the vocalist. But now we’re awaiting ’Dark Passion Play’ and ’Amaranth’, with new vocalist Anette Olzon. So I’m just a little confused. Anyhoo.... I’m SO glad Nightwish are back on iTunes, and I can’t WAIT for ’Dark Passion Play.’ Hopefully it is added as well! Back to reviewing this album... Personally, I’d say to buy ’Once’ when it’s ’released’, because Tarja’s not quite as good live. She’s not bad, but she’s much easier to understand and hear on the album. But buy whatever you want! Nightwish is back! FINALLY! =D





by AsianMetalHead - 24/11/2016

it’s sad that one of the best songs on here (ghost love score) is album only.... if they didn’t have 20 bucks to spend they’d truly be missing out on a masterpiece.....then the dissapiontment that "end of all hope" isn’t there.... bottom line though.... nightwish is amazing.... 5 stars automatically.





by -SynysterGates- - 24/11/2016

THANK YOU ITUNES, YOU FINALLY GOT NIGHTWISH. Anyway, this is probably the best foreign band. The mix of keyboards, women opera vocals and male vocals, and heavy metal guitar and drums is pure magic. Dark Chest of Wonders 8.5/10 - Great intro, has a lot of energy but not as heavy metal as I would like. Planet Hell 50/10 - Wow. What an amazing song. Just listen to it (even the studio version is better). Ever Dream 9/10 - Piano intro is really cool, although thats one of the best parts of the song, still great overall though. Kinslayer 10/10 - Amazing keyboard intro and awesome guitar riff. You’ll listen to this a lot. Phantom Of The Opera 7/10 - Cover of the song from the musical of the same name, its not the great for me, although its a fan favorite. The Siren 7/10 - Same as above, although its got pretty good guitar to it. Sounds very Egyptian. Sleeping Sun 9/10 - Great ballad. Takes a little while to stick to you though. High Hopes 9/10 - I think its a cover of a Pink Floyd song. The female vocalist takes a break here. Bless The Child 10/10 - Very awesome intro. Then turns to a great song. Wishmaster 9.5/10 - Another crowd favorite. Check out the "misheard lyric" video of this on Youtube, funny stuff. Slaying The Dreamer 20/10 - Amazing, the second best performance after GLS. Shows the potential of the male singer. However you spell track 12 3/10 - Don’t bother, its in all Finnish and its boring as hell. Nemo 8/10 - A pretty good song, a little to mainstream for me though. GLS - 100/10 - Amazing song that should have been the encore. Just buy the whole album. Stone People 1/10 - 3 words. WTF. A Frickin flute solo by some indian dude. Creek Mary’s Blood 9/10 - Another good song, shows how great Tarja can sing. Over The Hills And Far Away 10/10 - Cover of Gary Moore’s song. Very cool. Wish I Had An Angel 7/10 - Great song, just too bad they performed it very badly. BUY IT NOW!


Published by: ElArkano  |  24/11/2016 01:53:26  |  4 comments