Gaia: One Woman's Journey

Olivia Newton-John



Gaia: One Woman's Journey

Olivia Newton-John

Released: 10/11/1998

Genre: Pop

℗ 1998 ONJ Productions, Inc.

  • Trust Yourself

  • No Matter What You Do

  • No Other Love

  • Pegasus

  • Why Me

  • Don't Cut Me Down

  • Gaia

  • Do You Feel

  • I Never Knew Love

  • Silent Ruin

  • Not Gonna Give In to It

  • The Way of Love

12 songs

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No song lyrics have been entered for this album.
No song lyrics have been entered for this album.


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Enjoy it!
by ElArkano - 29/11/2016

GD –


VK –



Enjoy it!
by Nashbi - 29/11/2016

GD –


VK –





by SoCalledChaos84 - 29/11/2016

I don’t listen to Olivia very much anymore. However, if I do decide to listen to her, "Gaia" is the album I put on. I wore out about two copies of this album over the years. It’s a terrific collection of upbeat, inspiring songs which, in my opinion, make "Gaia" the best album she’s ever released. Highlights include the very mystical sounds of "Pegasus", the gorgeous "Don’t Cut Me Down", and the almost eerie sounds of the seven and a half minute title track. I bought this album in 1996. 11 years later, it sounds just as good as it did then, minus some of the cheesy drums :-) But you can just overlook those.





The Honest Truth
by mlammons - 29/11/2016

Its hard to know where to begin to review this album. It is THE album where Olivia’s fans really began to FEEL her as a person through her music. We always loved her - but this album was so HONEST. Gaia - while missed by the general public - reinvigorated her core fan base. Its personal and raw. You can feel Olivia’s pain - from the loss of her father - to her own personal battle with cancer. The stand-out cut is Not Gonna Give Into It - a latin-flavored piece that you would swear was written by Gloria Estefan rather than Olivia. A must have if you are a fan, if you are battling cancer, or if you just need to feel better about your life.





Smart Melodic Buy It!!!
by patdevitto - 29/11/2016

The album’s lead-off track is TRUST YOURSELF. This song alone is worth more than the price of the whole CD. The first five tracks may very well be ONJ’s smartest, melodic, bestest sung (:) ) yet!!


Published by: ElArkano  |  29/11/2016 18:13:37  |  5 comments