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Get Sum - Single

Wiz Khalifa


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No song lyrics have been entered for this album.
No song lyrics have been entered for this album.


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Enjoy it!
by Nashbi - 23/09/2016

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Not what youre capable of doing, wiz
by Yung Bert - 23/09/2016

he went from true hip hop to mainstreem clubbin music. those two just do not mix. if you listened to either show and prove or prince of the city 1, you would feel the same way too. this is the problem with most underground rappers.. they get anxious and think that the stuff that they are currently producing just isnt good enough because it isnt being played in clubs or on the radio. ugh.. 2 stars only cuz he is the hometown boy.





Get Sum!!!!!!!
by $$$JTG$$$ - 23/09/2016

Wiz killin it.





by 1ofthe2blackguys - 23/09/2016

One of the hottest songs from flight school. Khalifa, takin’ off!! Taylor Gang or Drink and Drive!!


Published by: Nashbi  |  23/09/2016 10:53:54  |  4 comments