David Bowie




David Bowie

Released: 11/06/2002

Genre: Rock

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  • Sunday

  • Cactus

  • Slip Away

  • Slow Burn

  • Afraid

  • I've Been Waiting for You

  • I Would Be Your Slave

  • I Took a Trip On a Gemini Spaceship

  • 5:15 the Angels Have Gone

  • Everyone Says 'Hi

  • A Better Future

  • Heathen (The Rays)

12 songs

Song lyrics

No song lyrics have been entered for this album.
No song lyrics have been entered for this album.


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Enjoy it!
by ElArkano - 12/01/2016

GD –


VK –





people come on...
by 70 - 12/01/2016

Bowie keeps getting better and better the more you listen to him. The tone, range, and the voice control is amazing, like on "everyone says ’Hi’" it’s simple, but not to simple, and yet so easy to listen to. more people should listen to him, or at least write a review.





Over and over
by mp7nyc - 12/01/2016

1 mans opinion, this is an album that gains depth both sonically and lyrically with each listen. I have been returning to this album time and again for the past two years and am always rewarded.





Bowie’s Best In Years
by Lester Banger - 12/01/2016

Bowie’s best in years. Most guitar driven album since Scary Monsters. Speaking of which, Pete Townsend returns to guest on Slow Burn, an album highlight. Epic cover of Neil Young’s I’ve Been Waiting For You. Cactus is good fun but is one of the least essential tracks here. Gemini Spaceship seems tailor made. Sunday is the most haunting & atmospheric track, bringing Scott Walker to mind. The eerie quirkiness of Slip Away is vintage Bowie & Everyone Says Hi, is as catchy as it gets. As for the rest---not bad. After producing most of Bowie’s classic 70’s work, producer Tony Visconti returns to twiddle the knobs. Where Bowie’s post Let’s Dance output seemed cluttered, cold or at worst, uninspired, Visconti brings a warmth & space & atmosphere long missing. In terms of late career Bowie---this is the one to get.


Published by: ElArkano  |  12/01/2016 20:40:30  |  4 comments