Publicado: 02/12/2015

Género: World

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No se ha ingresado ninguna letra de canción para este álbum.
No se ha ingresado ninguna letra de canción para este álbum.


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Enjoy it!
por ElArkano - 24/11/2016

GD – http://sh.st/fvZY37


VK – http://adf.ly/ppRSLv





por Exp626-Stitch - 24/11/2016

Lisa’s voice is pure bliss. Buy this, support her, she’s worth it





por Seppuku shark - 24/11/2016

What can I say it’s Lisa she’s just amazing 10/10





Can’t get enough!!
por joe4JESUS - 24/11/2016

I just can’t get enough of LiSA!! ALL of her music is great, and it is only getting better. The last two small albums she’s released have been incredible and I can not wait for another full length album. Launcher easily placed in my top 15 albums of all time, including ALL genres of music, be it in English or any other language. Music, even with lyrics not understood, can move a person in ways other things cannot. Keep the LiSA albums coming to the USA iTunes!! That also includes other J-Pop as well!! ^_^


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