iTunes Live from Capitol Studios

Paul McCartney



iTunes Live from Capitol Studios

Paul McCartney

Released: 01/01/2012

Genre: Rock

℗ 2012 MPL Communications Inc under exclusive license to StarCon, LLC

  • I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter (Live)

  • Home (When Shadows Fall) [Live]

  • More I Cannot Wish You (Live)

  • The Glory of Love (Live)

  • Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive (Live)

  • My Valentine (Live)

  • Always (Live)

  • Bye Bye Blackbird (Live)

  • Get Yourself Another Fool (Live)

9 songs

Song lyrics

No song lyrics have been entered for this album.
No song lyrics have been entered for this album.


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Enjoy it!
by ElArkano - 29/11/2016

GD –


VK –





by Gustavo Padilha - 29/11/2016

Adorei esse álbum, gosto de tudo dele.

I love this álbum and all the álbuns of Pau MCcartney and of the Beatles





About other comments.....
by chrisromanotanso - 29/11/2016

Paul isn’t holding hte other tracks. Why would he do that? It’s Itunes, and this album is great as is. Maybe they’ll be released later. He does a fantastic job singing live at the Capitol.





Listen and read.
by dakko - 29/11/2016

My goodness. This does not signal the end of Sir Paul’s original music. This was simply a departure in rememberance of the music that influenced the Beatles. Some of the "reviewers" need to read the description and listen to samples. If it’s not your cup of tea, don’t buy it. Wait a couple of months, Paul will be releasing a new rock album.


Published by: ElArkano  |  29/11/2016 19:50:07  |  4 comments