Juntos (Acoustic) - EP

Fifth Harmony



Juntos (Acoustic) - EP

Fifth Harmony

Released: 08/11/2013

Genre: Pop

℗ 2013 Simco Ltd. under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

  • Que Bailes Conmigo Hoy (Don't Wanna Dance Alone) [Version Acustica/Acoustic]

  • Sin Tu Amor (Miss Movin' On) [Version Acustica/Acoustic]

  • Tú Eres Lo Que Yo Quiero (Better Together) [Version Acustica/Acoustic]

  • Eres Tú (Who Are You) [Version Acustica/Acoustic]

  • Que el Corazón No Hable por Mi (Leave My Heart Out of This) [Version Acustica/Acoustic]

5 songs

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No song lyrics have been entered for this album.
No song lyrics have been entered for this album.


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Enjoy it!
by ElArkano - 16/10/2016

GD –


VK –



Enjoy it!
by Asdf - 23/12/2016

GD –


VK –





by Haylor 4 Never - 23/12/2016

Es fabulosa. Ellos son muy talentosa. Cómpralo





Spanish acoustic
by Nick whaatt - 23/12/2016

Had no idea there were doing the EP in Spanish!!! and now in acoustic!! Can’t get any better haha





by Beca5332 - 23/12/2016

Can’t wait! Cantan en espanol tambien


Published by: Asdf  |  23/12/2016 11:49:23  |  5 comments