Kylie Christmas (Snow Queen Edition)

Kylie Minogue



Kylie Christmas (Snow Queen Edition)

Kylie Minogue

Released: 25/11/2016

Genre: Christmas

℗ 2016 Firewheel LLP and Kimberly Limited under exclusive licence to Parlophone Records Limited, a Warner Music Group company

  • It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  • Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (feat. Frank Sinatra)

  • Winter Wonderland

  • Only You (with James Corden)

  • Stay Another Day

  • Christmas Wrapping (with Iggy Pop)

  • At Christmas

  • I'm Gonna Be Warm This Winter

  • Every Day's Like Christmas

  • Wonderful Christmastime (with Mika)

  • 100 Degrees (with Dannii Minogue)

  • Let It Snow

  • I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

  • White December

  • 2000 Miles

  • Santa Baby

  • Christmas Isn't Christmas

  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

  • Oh Santa

  • Cried Out Christmas

  • Christmas Lights

  • Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)

22 songs

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No song lyrics have been entered for this album.


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Enjoy it!
by Letymoon - 22/11/2016

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VK –



Enjoy it!
by Kratos - 24/11/2016

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Enjoy it!
by Kratos - 25/11/2016

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Enjoy it!
by Letymoon - 27/11/2016

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Enjoy it!
by Buddha - 08/12/2016

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This should be fun!! 😄❤️
by therreid - 25/11/2016

At Christmas is very cute, and I’m digging this snow queen thing!!! You look and sound regal Kylie! Can’t wait for more dance music from you, but this will be just fine for now, love you Kylie!! ❤️❤️





Where is the SAW Remix?
by EuroPopFan - 25/11/2016

Where is the SAW remix of "Every Day’s Like Christmas"? If that was included, it would be an automatic buy for me based on that single track. Now I’ll have to wait and see what the new additions are like before I decide.





Snow Queen!!!
by likeadrugx - 25/11/2016

Impossible Princess/Disco Diva/Showgirl/Aphrodite/Sleeping Beauty/Snow Queen..

Is back!!!

Love you Kylie!


Published by: Kratos  |  25/11/2016 11:29:03  |  8 comments