Lover "S" Mile




Lover "S" Mile


Released: 22/02/2012

Genre: J-Pop

℗ 2012 Aniplex Inc.

  • Yasashisani Tadori Tsukumade

  • Oath Sign

  • Now and Future

  • Egoistic Shooter

  • Wild Candy

  • Hana To Mitsubachi

  • Rock-Mode

  • Waratte Hoshikute

  • Un Fil

  • Jet Rocket

  • Lover "S" Mile

  • Owari No Nai Uta

  • Oath Sign (Acoustic Ver.)

13 songs

Song lyrics

No song lyrics have been entered for this album.
No song lyrics have been entered for this album.


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Enjoy it!
by Letymoon - 24/11/2016

GD –


VK –





by Darrian Ugalde - 24/11/2016

I’m so happy that Lisa is in iTunes now!!! Lisa is my favorite Japanese singer!! I’m so glad that I watched Angel Beats. You were great at yui’s vocals. I love you Lisa keep up the good work!





by Chromeshell - 24/11/2016

Lisa is such an impressive singer, got hooked from oath sign from Fate/Zero and crossing field from SAO and now i love all her songs :D





Happy, Super energetic, Very Danceable, Amazing !
by mkouhosei - 24/11/2016

Rarely do you encounter such energy as this girl has. Rock-Mode, Jet Rocket, Now and Future, Wild Candy among the best. I’ve been listening the her songs for the past six months and I just can’t get enough. You shouldn’t care if you can’t understand Japanese, the melody and her voice are enough to get you up from your chair and scream. LiSA’s concerts are very close to what music concerts should be, live, true, happy, full of energy and audience participation.


Published by: Letymoon  |  24/11/2016 02:44:57  |  4 comments