My Head Is An Animal

Of Monsters and Men



My Head Is An Animal

Of Monsters and Men

Released: 01/01/2012

Genre: Alternative

℗ 2012 SKRIMSL ehf Under exclusive license to Universal Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Dirty Paws

  • King and Lionheart

  • Mountain Sound

  • Slow and Steady

  • From Finner

  • Little Talks

  • Six Weeks

  • Love Love Love

  • Your Bones

  • Sloom

  • Lakehouse

  • Yellow Light

  • Numb Bears

  • Little Talks

14 songs

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No song lyrics have been entered for this album.
No song lyrics have been entered for this album.


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  • Of Monsters And Men - Little Talks (Official Video)

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  • Of Monsters And Men - Dirty Paws (Official Lyric Video)

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  • Of Monsters and Men - King And Lionheart (Official Video)

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Enjoy it!
by Kratos - 24/11/2016

GD –


VK –





If you like Mumford and Sons, this is right up your ally
by dramastar123 - 24/11/2016

Amazing. Many call these guys the Icelandic Mumford and Sons, but I think the guy/girl duet raises the bar. I have a new favorite album. So different and fascinating, I love it!





home again?
by MadDog 2020 - 24/11/2016

A fine album indeed; musically interesting, distinctive vocals and engaging subject matter. And very catchy melodies. The "magical" video is clealry inspired by early Sugar Cube videos. But am I the only one here who thinks they sound more like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros than Mumford and Sons (case in point: compare "Little Talks" to "Home")?





Of Monsters and Men My Head is an Animal
by Zymurgy7777 - 24/11/2016

To the idiots saying they ripped the name off another band, Of Mice and Men was a book first so go get your GED before you give a band a one star review, pretty decent album though if you’re into indie rock.


Published by: Kratos  |  24/11/2016 02:53:27  |  4 comments