Showtime, Storytime




Showtime, Storytime


Released: 10/12/2013

Genre: Metal

℗ 2013 Nuclear Blast GmbH

  • Dark Chest of Wonders (Live at Wacken 2013)

  • Wish I Had an Angel (Live at Wacken 2013)

  • She Is My Sin (Live at Wacken 2013)

  • Ghost River (Live at Wacken 2013)

  • Ever Dream (Live at Wacken 2013)

  • Storytime (Live at Wacken 2013)

  • I Want My Tears Back (Live at Wacken 2013)

  • Nemo (Live at Wacken 2013)

  • Last of the Wilds (Live at Wacken 2013)

  • Bless the Child (Live at Wacken 2013)

  • Romanticide (Live at Wacken 2013)

  • Amaranth (Live at Wacken 2013)

  • Ghost Love Score (Live at Wacken 2013)

  • Song of Myself (Live at Wacken 2013)

  • Last Ride of the Day (Live at Wacken 2013)

  • Imaginaerum (Outro) [Live at Wacken 2013]

16 songs

Song lyrics

No song lyrics have been entered for this album.
No song lyrics have been entered for this album.


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Enjoy it!
by Letymoon - 24/11/2016

GD –


VK –





by Metalbmxer - 24/11/2016

This album is wonderful!!! Truth is, I fell in love with Floor’s voice in After Forever so I was really excited when she became the new vocalist for Nightwish. This album is worth getting even if you already own live versions of the songs like from “End of an Era” which is one of my other personal favorites.





Floor Jansen is AMAZING
by topher king of metal - 24/11/2016

This is an awesome live album. Floor is a force to be reckoned with and brings an energy to the band. I hope they keep her for years to come.





by WiLLow45 - 24/11/2016

I respect Nightwish SO MUCH for never giving up on their fans. Floor is a great addition to the band and can sing both Tarja and Annette’s songs WITHOUT impersonating them. I get chills when she concludes Ghost Love Score with her unique finish, and that high note in Romanticide was AMZING, I have never heard ANYONE sing a note that well polished live. She was not breathy and is a true vocalist. Great job Nightwish and THANK YOU for always sticking with the fans <3


Published by: Letymoon  |  24/11/2016 03:33:00  |  4 comments