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Uno . . . Dos . . . Tré!

Green Day



Uno . . . Dos . . . Tré!

Green Day

Publicado: 07/12/2012

Género: Alternative

℗ 2012 Reprise Records

  • ¡UNO!

  • Nuclear Family

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No se ha ingresado ninguna letra de canción para este álbum.
No se ha ingresado ninguna letra de canción para este álbum.


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Enjoy it!
por Nashbi - 24/11/2016

GD – http://sh.st/00WsIl


VK – http://adf.ly/HPJ9lQQ





Deluxe digital box
por ghostcat24 - 24/11/2016

All the songs in one album put together from the three albums that’s awesome!!!!





Green Day!! Pure Punk Audacity
por Spencer Hooper - 24/11/2016

This is great for the people who have not bought the individual albums already. I love Green Day so much and this looks like a good deal





Green Day is Awesome!
por Taylor Hendershot - 24/11/2016

I love Green Day, and they are definitely my favorite band of all time. I don’t need to convince fellow fans that these new albums are amazing because chances are, you’ve already bought them, but for those of you who are on the fence, buy this as soon as possible. You won’t regret it. Green Day fan for life. Peace out girl scouts.


Publicado por: Nashbi  |  24/11/2016 03:54:46  |  4 comentarios