Okkervil River




Okkervil River

Released: 09/09/2016

Genre: Alternative

℗ 2016 ATO Records, under exclusive license to [PIAS]

  • 6:41

    Okkervil River R.I.P.

  • 7:07

    Call Yourself Renee

  • 4:31

    The Industry

  • 4:45

    Comes Indiana Through the Smoke

  • 7:16

    Judey on a Street

  • 7:03

    She Would Look for Me

  • 5:11

    Mary on a Wave

  • 7:44

    Frontman in Heaven

  • 6:55

    Days Spent Floating (In the Halfbetween)

9 songs, 57:13 total time, 118.39 MB

Song lyrics

Hey, my little baby
Pointing at the sky's amazing
In the lake now
All of this sensation
And no space on earth to place it
Where it's safe now...

Okkervil River R.I.P.

Okkervil River

Hey, my little baby
Pointing at the sky's amazing
In the lake now
All of this sensation
And no space on earth to place it
Where it's safe now
You've got a big day coming
A big day coming now

Gather, crowd, around me
In the gutter where you found me
Help me stand now
My body, it is aching
And my poor old heart is breaking
And I'm so freaked out
We've got a big chance coming
A big chance coming now

All the little Sadies
And the literary ladies
Wish me well now
A slob upon a plane that
Through the air is silver swaying
Into sundown
I hightail my cool haircut
Through the turnstiles of the airport
On the run now
Flip a couple hundred pages
I was turning thirty-eight
I was a horrible sight
You've got a bad day coming
A sad day coming now
I'll wear a white suit and black sunglasses
To the last mass now

Then give me one last kiss
In your pink silk dress, I guess
Said, "I have lost all will to"
With my face pressed against your breast
And I have pilfered the king's pills
From the palace medicine chest
I cried a quart of crocodile tears
Onto Alison N's pink champagne glass
I was escorted from the premises
For being a mess

And it's just like when Sean Howe told me
How the Force MDs died
Lou Gehrig's disease laid T.C.D. low
Mercury had a heart attack back in '95
And where DJ Doctor Rock went
Nobody knows
I see my grandfather, T. Holmes "Bud" Moore
Laid up in his hospital clothes
But I think about Judee Sill dying in some trailer park
Out of cocaine and codeine all alone
It was a big waste
Brother, such a big waste
Yeah, I know
They had some great songs
Must have been a great time
So long ago
But I didn't open up my mouth
Just to piss and moan
No way

All the air is glittering
I went and hit the
Skating rink alone now
I watched the kids all skim across the ice
They look so nice
It was so cold out
And then I coughed into my cupped hands
And crossed the rink so I could hear the band
Two guitars, a drummer
A chick singer with a Kurzweil
On a keyboard stand
And I said, "Play that cover"
I said, "Play that cover song again"
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"Okkervil River R.I.P." Track Info

“Okkervil River R.I.P.” opens Away with a blossoming thesis statement that simultaneously serves as a eulogy and resurrection for the project. As its name suggests, it sends off the prior incarnation of Will Sheff's folk project and ushers in a new era, with a (mostly) new band.

Following 2013's The Silver Gymnasium, Sheff underwent what he calls “a confusing time of transition in my personal and professional life,” including the death of his grandfather and departure of several bandmates. After writing songs in a friend's remote cabin, Sheff compiled them as Away, “a death story for a part of my life that had, buried inside of it, a path I could follow that might let me go somewhere new.”

As NPR's David Dye puts it, “‘Okkervil River R.I.P.' is a gorgeous — albeit melancholy — song about soul-searching, finding the strength one needs to carry on in the face of adversity and finding solace in the ones we love.”