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Bankroll Fresh

Bankroll Fresh



Bankroll Fresh

Bankroll Fresh

Released: 26/11/2015

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

℗ 2015 Street Money Worldwide

  • 1:02
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    Danny Devito

  • 3:26
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  • 3:06
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    Poppin S**t

  • 2:43
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    F**k Is You Saying

  • 3:04
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    Van Damme

  • 1:55
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    Live Yo Life

  • 3:42
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    Fake N****s

  • 4:06
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    Take Over Your Trap (feat. 2 Chainz & Skooly)

  • 1:51
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    Alpina Beamer

  • 3:49
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    Selfish (feat. Street Money Boochie)

  • 3:54
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    Can't Believe

  • 2:58
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    Trap Bitch

  • 2:58
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    On the Block

  • 2:53
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    Dead Presidents

  • 2:31
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    Don't Let Go

  • 3:15
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  • 2:54
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    On Me (feat. Street Money Boochie)

  • 3:11
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Song lyrics

[Intro: Bankroll Fresh]
Oh my god
Oh my god
Oh my fucking God

[Verse 1: Bankroll Fresh]...

Danny Devito

Bankroll Fresh

[Intro: Bankroll Fresh]
Oh my god
Oh my god
Oh my fucking God

[Verse 1: Bankroll Fresh]
ATL ball Life
Might come through a stop light
New Banshee, Blue Raptor
New Honda on Candler

Got fifty racks on me fuck it lets gamble
Boss up on these bitches
I'm raising my standards
Throwback barry sanders
Duce Duce with da hammer
Be true to your answer
Kidnap you for ransom

I want da Beamer coupe
G sell a bean or two
Bring me two ninas through
Might throw a barbecue
Gucci on Gucci
Two G's on the goggles
I came from the bottom
Push start on the auto

Bankroll da largest
Book me at The Garden
That's way in New York
Nigga Brooklyn to Harlem

Harlem globe trotter
Trick off witcha partner
Yo bitch is a shopper
She scared of the doctor

Chew through the city in a helicopter
I'm smoking this shit up, a hippie a rasta

I'll fuck your bitch scratched her off of my roster

Off of my roster I'll stretch her no problem

Shirt Valentino, I'm bigger than Nino
All black El Camino Im kicking that Lingo

Too many C Notes
I'm serving Gambino
Im serving y'all mean though so run through your C notes

Tuck your shit in when we come in like Debo
You niggas here acting like Danny Devito
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Preview, Bankroll Fresh, Bankroll Fresh, music, singles, songs, Hip-Hop/Rap, itunes music Preview songs from the album Bankroll Fresh, including "Danny Devito", "Riggs", "Poppin S**t", "F**k Is You Saying", "Van Damme", "Live Yo Life", "Fake N****s", "Take Over Your Trap (feat. 2 Chainz & Skooly)", "Alpina Beamer", "Selfish (feat. Street Money Boochie)", "Can't Believe", "Trap Bitch", "On the Block", "Dead Presidents", "Don't Let Go", "M.O.B", "On Me (feat. Street Money Boochie)", "Options" and many more.


"Danny Devito" Track Info