Released: 01/10/2001

Genre: Latino

℗ 2015 Artyvoz Digital

  • 2:07

    Doce Cascabeles (Remastered)

  • 2:40

    Clavelitos (Remastered)

  • 2:12

    Cuando Te Perdió el Rey Moro (Remastered)

  • 3:19

    En un Pueblito Español (Remastered)

  • 3:37

    Sonajero Plateado (Remastered)

  • 2:56

    El Jarabe Loco (Remastered)

  • 3:58

    La Malagueña (Remastered)

  • 2:35

    El Pastor (Remastered)

  • 3:24

    Vals de los Caballitos (Remastered)

  • 2:20

    Caudal Escondido (Remastered)

  • 3:00

    Caballito Lucero (Remastered)

  • 2:23

    La Estrella y el Monaguillo (Remastered)

  • 1:44

    Galopa Jaca (Remastered)

  • 2:32

    Fandangos (Remastered)

  • 3:23

    Los Dos Golfillos (Remastered)

  • 2:20

    ¡Ole! Barca Velera (Remastered)

  • 2:57

    El Coplero (Remastered)

  • 2:51

    El Emigrante (Remastered)

  • 3:14

    Donde Estará Mi Vida (Remastered)

  • 2:17

    Lucerito (Remastered)

  • 3:15

    Campanera (Remastered)

  • 3:20

    Granada (Remastered)

  • 1:21

    Tani (Remastered)

  • 2:50

    Por Llamarte Marisol (Remastered)

  • 2:59

    Torero Español (Remastered)

  • 2:44

    Gorrioncillo Pecho Amarillo (Remastered)

  • 2:59

    Una Amapola Decía (Remastered)

  • 1:20

    Mi Tito Fernando (Remastered)

  • 3:27

    Dos Luceros Quieren Verte (Remastered)

  • 2:51

    Princesita (Remastered)

30 songs, 1:22:55 total time, 179.92 MB

Song lyrics

No song lyrics have been entered for this album.

No song lyrics have been entered for this album.
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