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Private Sessions




Private Sessions


Released: 26/10/2015

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

℗ 2015 C9

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Song lyrics

SDotBraddy: (Verse 1)

Shout out to them niggas who ain't scared to let them triggers go
Fuck my cousin shooters who was snitching yea my niggas know
Fuck the witnesses and fuck the judge, just let my cousin go
They gave my nigga 25 to life like that's the minimal...



SDotBraddy: (Verse 1)

Shout out to them niggas who ain't scared to let them triggers go
Fuck my cousin shooters who was snitching yea my niggas know
Fuck the witnesses and fuck the judge, just let my cousin go
They gave my nigga 25 to life like that's the minimal
Boy I'm from a city where niggas dont show no pity
With a nine in their hand they'll give you 9 like 50
Don't get jack son
If a nigga try to rob me, you'll see what I have in store
Yeah boy I pack son
This life is kill or be killed
When you're still, they'll steal with a steel
So when attacking, be packing the shit that's clapping
Or niggas will have you dead
No witnesses know what happened

When the 12 pull up, they'll circle the block 2 times
Followed by 24 right behind, that's the first 48
P.I.G.S interrogate us talking bout us on tape
You wanna black ball me go ahead and suck em
I'm screaming fuck em I never loved em
And never did really trust em
And this is not a fib or a tragedy
But a lesson on how not to treat your family

Cause we had alcohol and marijuana 40 oz beverages
Adolescents feeling pain resort to those as medicines
I'm cruising down the highway, get the fuck out of my way
Ice cubes in my drank and my car is smokey, celebrating Friday
Trouble stuck on my mental
I don't know what I'm about to get into
My shooters are in the back
They will act if we have any issues
They're visiting down from Georgia
Fucking shit up in Florida
Peer pressure is on my heart
And my fear is in the aroma (nigga)


Denzel Curry: (Verse 2)
Bruh, you acting like a bitch ass nigga
? one route to count figures
Motherfuck friends, in the end we all sinners
Keep an eye on your family cause blood ain't thicker
Imported the water from the blood of pure life
Headed down to Miami with the mommies and fresh ice
Robbing and rolling and we got the Glock tied ?
And she about to give me something to light
Organized crime, mobbing, gudda, squadding
Would cop an Iphone but Steven was jobless
Enter the Dark Knight its time to start robbing
Look at my cousins in the whip, heads nodding
Gat toking, pistols hoking, nigga on your damn street
Put six in your chest now that's Lebron rolling with that damn heat

SDotBraddy: (Verse 3 )

Most of these niggas, have no father figures
Their fathers the trigger now you paint the picture
With strokes of ways how to survive in this economy
They never did school but they learned trigonometry
Shits gets real in the field
Trying to free my cousin Dee
So my mind is of Michael Scofield
But them niggas was ratting and actin just like a tweener
When all they really would of got was a small misdemeanour
Thats why its killed or be killed is the mindset when you're coming from that jungle
All of my shooters have mindsets like Michael Buffer: they are ready to rumble
Choppers hanging out that window the motive was pretty simple
These bullets have minds themselves and these here were meant for your temple

Nigga get back, when you hear that sound get back
Motherfuckers try to rob us ya ass will get splacked
Now you niggas microsoft, we'll aim it ya Adam's apple
Try to test us and we'll go and get the Mack

When i pulled off in my civic with wrecking odours of Henny
My nigga said he need work and my niggas know we got plenty
So we met up later the night, shooters in sight
Everything seemed alright
Until I pulled out the work then he pulled out a gun
Motherfucker tried to take my life, come on
You know my shooters ain't having that
Grabbed the guns then they cocked it back
Then they gave him till 3...2...1 then they shot his back
Then I looked in my rear view can believe what I've seen
My shooters hopped out the whip
Them niggas fled off the scene
Like God damn

SDotBraddy ( Verse 4 )

They say blood is thicker than water
I'm thirsty for family that won't change
And always keep it for 4 quarters

But wait..
The family scale is unproportionate
Ya son just got arrested and the crowd was recording it
So you can see Lemony Snicket all in my ear
Yea its unfortunate this event just had to happen here
But see my cousin was the shooter
Now I'm in the reptile room, with invertebrates and look alike medusas


I never did the ratting
Ratting will have niggas put cheese on ya head
Them shooters Green Bay packing
So dont D.I.E
Or it's R.I.P
With a head shot
Now they trying to see I.D

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"Darius" Track Info

First single off of SDotBraddys Debut Album “Private Sessions”.

Based on a true story SDotBraddy takes you on a journey through his cousins eye , who is currently facing 25 to life.

Prod. By Ronny J / Julian B