Released: 11/11/2014

Genre: Electronic

℗ 2014 Audiomachine

  • 5:07

    Blood and Stone (Ivan Torrent Remix)

  • 3:34

    Breath and Life (Digweed Remix)

  • 4:22

    Akkadian Empire (Paul Dinletir Remix)

  • 2:38

    Reaching (White Sea Remix)

  • 3:26

    Phoenix Rising (Cole Plante Remix)

  • 2:16

    Guardians At the Gate (David García Díaz Remix)

  • 4:09

    Ruins of Nan Madol (Photek Remix)

  • 2:54

    Above and Beyond (RAC Remix)

  • 5:20

    Helios (Witchman Remix)

  • 3:33

    Judge and Jury (Paul Dinletir Remix)

  • 5:52

    Fire and Honor (Matt Lange Remix)

  • 2:27

    Guardians At the Gate (Bruno Cariou Remix)

  • 3:01

    Four Horsemen (Martyn Corbet Remix)

  • 3:45

    Transcendence (Dawn Golden Remix)

  • 4:33

    Apollo's Triumph (Paul Dinletir Remix)

  • 4:35

    Drakon's Empire (Witchman Remix)

  • 2:35

    10 Inch Nails (Alluxe Remix)

  • 3:18

    Land of Shadows (Kelly Andrew Remix)

18 songs, 1:7:25 total time, 138.57 MB

Song lyrics

No song lyrics have been entered for this album.

No song lyrics have been entered for this album.
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Preview, Audiomachine, Remixed, music, singles, songs, Electronic, itunes music Preview songs from the album Remixed, including "Blood and Stone (Ivan Torrent Remix)", "Breath and Life (Digweed Remix)", "Akkadian Empire (Paul Dinletir Remix)", "Reaching (White Sea Remix)", "Phoenix Rising (Cole Plante Remix)", "Guardians At the Gate (David García Díaz Remix)", "Ruins of Nan Madol (Photek Remix)", "Above and Beyond (RAC Remix)", "Helios (Witchman Remix)", "Judge and Jury (Paul Dinletir Remix)", "Fire and Honor (Matt Lange Remix)", "Guardians At the Gate (Bruno Cariou Remix)", "Four Horsemen (Martyn Corbet Remix)", "Transcendence (Dawn Golden Remix)", "Apollo's Triumph (Paul Dinletir Remix)", "Drakon's Empire (Witchman Remix)", "10 Inch Nails (Alluxe Remix)", "Land of Shadows (Kelly Andrew Remix)" and many more.