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Revenge of the Dreamers II

Various Artists



Revenge of the Dreamers II

Various Artists

Released: 08/12/2015

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

℗ 2015 Dreamville/Interscope Records

  • 2:23
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    Folgers Crystals

  • 3:13
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    Night Job (feat. J. Cole)

  • 3:38
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    Backseat (feat. Cozz)

  • 3:59
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    Caged Bird (feat. Omen)

  • 2:19
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    48 Laws (feat. Donnie Trumpet)

  • 3:16
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  • 3:46
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    Tabs (feat. Bas)

  • 3:28
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    Still Slummin'

  • 4:17
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    Grow (feat. Correy C)

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Song lyrics

Yeah, yeah
Higher, higher
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Folgers Crystals

J. Cole

Yeah, yeah
Higher, higher
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Now I could be the change that I wanna see
I can heal the world for real if a nigga speaking honestly
Nat Turner in my past life
Bob Marley in my last life, back again
Look in to the eyes of a young nigga
Who survived against all the odds
Look into the eyes of a young nigga
Who's surprised to be alive
I died 5 years ago, the game snatch a nigga's spirit yo
My resurrection was a miracle
Cause still I rise, it's ill-advised to bet against him
Raised in hell but heaven sent 'em, let 'em diss 'em
Some niggas can't handle the truth
Some niggas don't know they're slaves
I forgive 'em cause I know their ways
They see a black man shine
First thing they do is throw their shade
Word?—errr—I swerve like a Thunderbird on the curb
Where the cops pursuing, I'm not just doing it
Niggas hate like if I make it ain't a spot for you in it
Have to save the rap game cause I watched them ruin it
So you can take my cock and chew on it
Cock sucker I'm a blockbuster
Motion picture, flows consist of potent scriptures
Known to rip a hole through them so-called dopest niggas
Snatch your soul and pose for pictures, holding it
Revenge of the Dreamers, so vindictive
Back for more, that whack shit's over with
For you niggas sleeping this is Folgers Crystals, wow
In the form of a loaded pistol
Bullets rude, they don't even say "Hello", just kiss you, blaow
Burn in hell with a coat that fits you
When you see the devil
You can tell him Cole just sent you now

Yeah, yeah—higher, higher
Yeah, yeah—higher
Now I can be around, shit, whenever you want
I can be around, shit, whenever you need
Fuck with a nigga, we can touch the stars
Trust in a nigga, you can count on me
I can come around, shit, whenever you want
I can come around, shit, whenever you need
Fuck with a nigga, we can touch the stars
Trust in a nigga, you can count on me
Me, me, me, me, me, me
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Preview, Various Artists, Revenge of the Dreamers II, music, singles, songs, Hip-Hop/Rap, itunes music Preview songs from the album Revenge of the Dreamers II, including "Folgers Crystals", "Night Job (feat. J. Cole)", "Backseat (feat. Cozz)", "Caged Bird (feat. Omen)", "48 Laws (feat. Donnie Trumpet)", "Housewives", "Tabs (feat. Bas)", "Still Slummin'", "Grow (feat. Correy C)" and many more.


"Folgers Crystals" Track Info

In “Folgers Crystals,” Cole raps about beating the odds and outgrowing haters. In this song, Cole compares himself to these crystals by saying that even though they might not seem that provoking, he is the best in the game and has gone through and experienced more than most people have.

“Folgers Crystals” are an important phase in the coffee making process. After the freeze-drying process, all the moisture is removed and whatever is left behind is called Folgers Crystals. Before they used to be disregarded, but that changed when “Folger's Coffee spent years, a small fortune, and three tries at bringing out a freeze-dried coffee that ‘tasted, smelled, and looked like fresh-brewed coffee.'”