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The Art of Hustle (Deluxe Version)

Yo Gotti



The Art of Hustle (Deluxe Version)

Yo Gotti

Released: 19/02/2016

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

℗ 2016 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

  • 3:49
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    My City (feat. K. Michelle)

  • 4:14
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    Bible (feat. Lil Wayne)

  • 3:02
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    Down In the DM

  • 4:17
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    Law (feat. E-40)

  • 3:25
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    The Art of Hustle

  • 3:52
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    Smile (feat. Timbaland)

  • 2:56
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    Come Up

  • 3:13
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    Pay the Price

  • 4:37
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  • 3:34
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    General (feat. Future)

  • 3:48
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    Imagine Dat

  • 3:17
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    Bank Teller

  • 3:52
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    Hunnid (feat. Pusha T)

  • 3:47
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    Luv Deez Hoes (feat. 2 Chainz)

  • 4:18
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    Down In the DM (feat. Nicki Minaj) [Remix]

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Song lyrics

Law #1: never underestimate the enemy
See this a very important law
Law 2: if a man show a flaw that mean that flaw really exist
Never take it for granted never
Rule #3: make sure you never break it never sleep where the sack at...

The Art of Hustle

Yo Gotti

Law #1: never underestimate the enemy
See this a very important law
Law 2: if a man show a flaw that mean that flaw really exist
Never take it for granted never
Rule #3: make sure you never break it never sleep where the sack at

[Verse 1:]
I'm the hustler's constitution
Feds giving back time for retribution you snitching that shit excuses
Bang! that's execution and thats my only solution I got from stopping these rat niggas from moving
My life a movie not a short film
Big budget Denzel Washington, Will Smith yeah
Scarface, Al Pacino, Godfather, Marlon Brando
A word to the wise watch your guys niggas snakes in disguise
Meeting bitches off the gram know they living and lying
Cold heart never cried if I did it was blood
Little nigga big pride murder that's what it was and that's law

[Gotti talking]
See if a nigga
See when you got that muthafuckin chip on your shoulder and that big ass pistol and a nigga come playing
You gotta show a nigga you mean business you know what I'm saying

[Verse 2:]
I'm fighting pain, fame, I never want to change
I'm the same still running with the gang
Still down to kill a nigga about something petty like a chain [?]
You a million dollar nigga got to get that in your brain
Now get that in your brain, Bang it's all about the aim
We savages we all live the same
And it's the art of war nigga like the art of hustle nigga
They looking for the goonies but Im the muscle nigga
Ima shooter like Durant
I got heart like Russell nigga
I lost a million to the plug I never trust another nigga
What if I sell a million records will that change the code
Will my niggas try to betray me cause I know they vultures
Will LA Reid see my vision, let me see them wrong [?]
Create me a better way to put my people on
Will my baby mama finally quit texting my phone
Kiss my daughter and my son tell em I'm coming home
Tell my niggas put the pistols down I'm in the zone
I been dropping nothing but gangsta shit on every song
This that shit they been waiting for forever long
They gave my patna 30 years for talking on the phone
I had to watch his mama cry and tell her let's be strong
Ima hold him down he won't do all that time alone
What if I wasn't a rapper the streets would get annoyed
Cause don't nobody tell it how I tell it and you know it
What if they say I changed cause I went outside the box
What's good I kept my plug number so I can get some blocks
18 wheeler full of cocaine I'm talking lots of dope
Not believing Mexican plugs fuck a horoscope
If you a star where your telescope
These niggas high they on hella dope
Your favorite rapper hella broke
Cars leases they got hella notes
Houses rented got eviction notes and everybody already know
You fabricated and I'm factionated
You sold a million records I got millions of dollars
Who really made it huh
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"The Art of Hustle" Track Info

In the title track from his fifth studio album, Gotti raps about his art of hustle, whether it's referencing big-time movie hustlers like Marlon Brando or music hustlers like LA Reid.

Regardless, Gotti is the one who made it, and he should be proud of his art, whether it's his music or his hustling.

The official music video shows Gotti suited up in an office discussing his hustling tactics and incorporates a scene where he is buying drugs.

He samples Valerie Simpson's hit song, “I Don't Need No Help” in the production of this song.