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What's the Score - EP

Ady Suleiman



What's the Score - EP

Ady Suleiman

Released: 25/09/2015

Genre: Singer/Songwriter

℗ 2015 Under exclusive licence to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

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    What's the Score

  • 4:00
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    Ain't the Beep

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    Deeper (Interlude)

  • 3:49
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    Drink Too Much

  • 1:39
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    What You Guna Do? (Outro)

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Song lyrics

[Ady Suleiman & Joey Bada$$]
Peace to the gods
Peace to the earth
And peace the woman
Who hold themselves with the worth

What's The Score

Ady Suleiman

[Ady Suleiman & Joey Bada$$]
Peace to the gods
Peace to the earth
And peace the woman
Who hold themselves with the worth

[Ady Suleiman]
[Verse 2]
Girl you're on my mind
But i need you to decide
Am I Mr. Wrong or Mr. Right
Do you want me in your life?
It's driving me crazy
To think you might not be my lady
But that would change see
You could be the one that changes me cause
Girl you're amazing and you never fail to amaze me
And I wait patiently as I wait for you til infinity

(Im here for you)
(Im here for you)
(Im here for you)
(Im here for you)
(Im here for you)


[Pre Hook]
So let me show you the world
All Imma tell you that you are my girl
Cause I I
And I got nothing no nothing to hide
And I just want you in my life

Saying, well
Maybe I've been a fool but I'm in love with you
For you girl I'll be true
Do whatever you want me to do
Can't help how I feel
Lets dance under the moon
You leave me wanting more
Just darling tell me what's the score?
Darling tell me what's the score

[Verse 2]
I wanna make you mine tonight
And we can dance under the moon yeah, yeah the moonlight
And well I promise you, I won't ever do
Anything to what you take your chance on me my baby won't you please

[Pre Hook]


[Joey Bada$$]
[Verse 2]
I ain't looking for no Kendall or no Kylie
I need a Nia Long with Tatiana Ali
Just might be my wifey for life
For the right thing like Spike Lee I might
Just "woo" see how you do when the weather's due
Late night honey moon, I'm ahead of you
We can catch planes and skip change the weather
You're fucking with the lanes but
(Did the joker do you better? )
I'm just saying it's whatever
Just a young king looking for my Coretta
She ready to die, ready to drive
Not just ready to ride and talk shit from the passenger side
I'm tryna tune into ya passionate side
And I ain't nothing to ya cause you're fetching the style
Just wanna be the guy that see you left with a smile
Know all the sweet spots to get you wet and aroused
Stop playing see you're checking ya style
Got the ring right know just give me a dial
You ain't got much time need to know now
If I can call you mine and you hold me down

[Hook] x2
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