Alex The Kid



Alex date: 2077

A futuristic world; where humans colinise the moon and spend their summer vacations future boarding on near by ice planets. Their children’s best friend is an artificial robot named Omnibot 2000, while daily meals come from a thin toothpaste like tube.
Humankind is destined to fall into the same darkness that has befallen their ancestors before them. Having dealt with all human bigotry and discrimination (even after the first wave of phy-borns), humanity is now stricken with a new challenge. Robots have been embraced into human homes and families, to love and nurture their children and old ones, and develop their own sense of mind and being. Some members of the robot community now strive for their own place in the world. But their plea for freedom and a chance to live their own life is only met by human hatred .
The 1st Robot Wars begin.
A group of robot sympathisers battle alongside the robots against human kind, to once again end humanities flaws. Some members of this group have chosen to travel back in time to begin the healing earlier and aid in stopping key events. Four futurists, known as Alex The Kid,use a new hybrid of music and binary code to bring humanity and robot kind together.
As one.


  • Alex The Kid (Perth Punk band)
  • Alex The Kid
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