Celine Cairo



Celine Cairo was born in Amsterdam in 1990. She grew up in the centre of town, with her two parents and brother. When she reached the age of 3 she started singing little by little, always making noise around the house… After her parents divorced she picked up vocal lessons, later she learnt how to play the guitar. The songwriting began right at that moment. From then on she discovered all aspects of being a singer-songwriter; vocal development, entertaining on stage, fight any fears on stage, recording, practising daily and having fun while doing all that.

When she was 16, she entered the Rozentuin Festival competition. Nothing too big but enough to keep the flow going. After winning the first price she searched for more ways to perform. Now she has played at many venues in Amsterdam like The Sugar Factory, De Badcuyp, Paradiso (the big hall), Sappho, and Het Rozentheater.
With only eighteen years she is now trying to decide whether or not to follow intense music education (Conservatory? Popschool?) or to be more auto-didactically focussed. This year, summer 2008 till summer 2009, is meant to answer that question and also to become more and more experienced as a singer-songwriter.


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  • AT5 2009
  • AT5 2009
  • 20100908: EP-presentation @ Paradiso
  • 20100908 - EP-presentation @ Paradiso
  • Celine Cairo @ Pressconference The Hague Jazz
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