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Motion Graphics, the solo project of NY based electronic artist Joe Williams, announces its debut with a self-titled LP out August 26th on Domino. Created over a two year period between NY, LA, & Baltimore, Motion Graphics is a unique and compelling collection of richly detailed widescreen compositions, inspired in part by the ambient sound effects of digital menu systems that decorate today’s auditory landscape. Creating custom randomized software instruments, Williams’ mimics the erraticism of the Twitter timeline and the aggregated news feed, while incorporating elements of techno-pop and jazz, sequenced through the superhuman capabilities of a computer.

Williams currently serves as a core member of Future Times’ Maxmillion Dunbar’s ongoing Lifted ensemble. Williams’ productions can be heard on Baltimore-based Co La’s Moody Coup LP and on Williams’ original score for 12 O’Clock Boys, a feature-length documentary on the notorious dirt bike riders of Baltimore’s Westside.


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