Stefan Strobl aka DJ 3Volt
Sebastian Schlachter aka sXs
and the most important Edvina Vielhaber aka Twinnie
from Vienna, Austria.

(taken from the German page created by sebastianslayer am 23. Feb. 2010, 20:11 )

"The story of Twinnie started in the early 2000 when the Vienna based production duo Stefan Strobl aka DJ 3Volt and Sebastian Schlachter (engl. Slayer) aka sXs and the highly talented singer Edwina Vielhaber released their first record “Waitin for my Love” on Cheap Records.

Described as high-cultured electro-punk or electro-rock with the right punk attitude (de Bug), TWINNIEs first release “Waitin for my Love” (Cheap041) became an instant hit in clubs and radio stations in the international club scene in 2002/3.

Twinnie performed at clubs and festivals all over Europe including the oh so famous Sonar Festival in Barcelona.
Now they’re back with 2 new reworked tracks, “Truth” and “Kill”.

July 2002 Absolution 12 (Cheap Rec)
Okt 2002 Kahn RMX Ride Me (Cheap Rec.)
2003 Summertime RMX Tunakan feat. Twinnie (Universal Rec)
February 2010 Digital Audio and Picture Book (by Lukas White Gansterer) Release on


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